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Commercial and small scale catfish farming business is gaining popularity day by day. There are numerous catfish species available throughout the world. Among those species, some are very large in size and some species are smaller. Nowadays catfish are highly available in the market and most of the people love this fish on their table. Although the number of catfish in natural water resources is reducing due to numerous reasons. Lack of natural living place and fishing in a plenty are the most common reason for reducing the number of catfish species. But now people are becoming interested in catfish farming and establishing large or small scale catfish farm commercially. If you like fish farming business, then you can also stock and manage catfish in your pond. There are some steps for starting this fish farming business, which are shortly described below.

Feed Management

Provide 20% of feed daily for the first 10 days, according to the body weight of stocked fish. Usually catfish minnow like to eat food at night. So serve their feed twice a day. Reduce the feed serving rate to 12 to 15 percent, after the first 10 days. Catfish start taking feed during day time when they reach about 3 inch size. After one months from stocking, provide them 5% of feed daily, according to their body weight. For measuring average weight of catfish, measure the total weight of 10 fish and divide the total weight by 10. For example, total weight of 10 catfish is 2 kg, divide the result by 10. Now the average weight of one catfish is 200 g. Measure average weight of catfish after a certain period and feed them according to their average body weight. Provide them feed twice daily (first in the morning and rest in the evening). Always provide adequate feed according to the age and body weight of the fish. If you provide the catfish less feed than their daily demand, then they will not live and grow properly. And if you serve excessive feed than their demand, then the extra food will pollute water and increase feeding costs.

Catfish Collection

You can use net for collecting fish from the pond. But it’s very difficult to collect catfish from pond by using net. You can use net for collecting a few catfish. But if you want to collect all fish at once, then you have to remove the water from the pond. Always try to collect fish when it’s morning or afternoon. Never collect catfish, when it’s too sunny weather outside. Because collecting catfish in excessive sunny days will damage the condition of fish and you will experience lower rate in the fish market.

Catfish has a great demand and price in the market. Almost all types of people like to have catfish dish on their table. Catfish also has medicinal value and very suitable for the patient. As a result, doctors advice their patient to eat catfish. However, catfish farming is also a very suitable way to earn some income along with your current job. And also a great source for fulfilling your daily family nutritional demand. On an average, you can produce about 4 tons of catfish (in proper care and management) from a pond of one acre within 10 months.

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