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The Black Carp fish is a species of cyprinid fish, and is the sole species of the genus Mylopharyngodon. It is also known by some other names such as black Chinese roachsnail carpChinese roachblack amur and Chinese black carp. It is native to lakes and rivers in East Asia, ranging from the Amur Basin, through China to Vietnam. The fish is widely cultivated for food and also for Chinese medicine.

The Black Carp fish closely resembles the Grass carp fish in appearance. They are similar in overall body shape, size and placement of fins, and both have very large scales. In case of coloration, the Black carps are slightly darker than Grass carps.


The Black Carp fish are generally feed on snails and mussels. The larvae feed on zooplankton, then on ostracods and aquatic insects.

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